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Current Store Hours: 12PM - 6PM Monday - Saturday / 12PM - 5PM Sunday

Hello friends & family!

Atomic Music is back open and ready to serve!

With the virus still active, we request the following of those of you who plan to come by the shop:

  • - First, if you feel at all sick — stay home! You should only venture out if you’re going to see a physician or get a test for Covid! We’ll still be here after you’ve recovered.
  • - Now, provided you’re feeling tip-top, before entering the store: mask up, ensuring that both your mouth and nose are covered.
  • - While in the store: maintain appropriate physical distance of at least 6 feet from other persons.

We are permitting no more than 15 customers at a time, so we further ask that you keep browsing to a minimum, as others may be waiting for their turn to enter the store.  On busier days, we may have to limit the time customers spend in the store so that we may accommodate as many customers as possible. In that scenario, we appreciate your understanding, as things are not quite back to normal yet!

We have missed you all and hope to see you soon!

with love,