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Atomic Private Music & Recording Lessons - $35 Half Hour/$50 Hour - All Ages!!!


Bass | Guitar | Piano

Full-time Dad and Musician, Dajando has played almost everywhere with just about everyone.  Chances are you've seen him perform before at a club, music festival, or with one of your favorite local artists.  

He is a real guitar/bass/synth aficionado and an all around exceptional musician.  Beginner, intermediate or advanced, this is the guy you go to, to get real good!


Guitar | Jazz Guitar

One of the busiest musicians here at Atomic.  Specializing in Country, Jazz, Swing and old-school 50's Rock n' Roll, he boasts an impressive and diverse resume from here to Texas.

Zach teaches here at Atomic in between his busy gigging schedule and has much experience to offer to both beginners and advanced players.  Be sure to check him out on YouTube!


Saxophone | Flute | Guitar

Isaiah (AKA: Shredmaster McLeanhas a long history of music going all the way back to his early childhood.  He is classically as well as traditionally trained and has attended Boston's prestigious Berklee College of Music.   

Isaiah teaches a variety of styles from Classical to Jazz to Rock as well as woodwind instruments including saxophone and flute.